» Based on recent data published by Telekom Malaysia Berhad, the number of telephone subscribers for Sabah Region is growing at a rate of between 15% to 20% in recent years. This trend, coupled with SSG’s efforts to attract foreign investments into the State while calls for expediting the availability of better quality telecommunications services between the rural and urban populations to support the State’s growth needs.

In taking care of the needs for more and better telecommunication facilities, our subsidiary and associate/investee companies have been directly involved in major projects to support the increasing needs for cellular and broadband services.

Common Tower Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (CTT) was appointed by SSG License Agreement with 3 major celcos – CELCOM, MAXIS and DiGi. Under the said Agreement, CTT shall construct common sharing infrastructure (towers) for long term lease to the celcos.

Celcom Timur (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. (CTS) was established as a joint venture in 1995 to implement a high capacity fibre optic transmission network in Sabah including the designing, installation, maintenance and lease of the same. Since commencing operations, CTS had successfully laid the most extensive fibre optic trunk network for Sabah which supports the Information and Communication Technology providers in Sabah.

WHSB Trading Sdn. Bhd. (WTSB) plays an important supportive role for the development of telecommunication services in Sabah following its appointment as the One Stop Service (OSA) in 2005, which provides services to the celcos and the State’s local authorities.

Under WARISAN HARTA’s investment portfolio, it has equity holdings in MAXIS, AXIATA and TM.



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